A world without time…

” In a world where time cannot be measured, there are no clocks, no calendars, no definite appointments. Events are triggered by other events, not by time. A house is begun when stone and lumber arrive at the building site. The stone quarry delivers stone when the quarryman needs money.Trains leave the station when the cars are filled with passengers.”
(Einstein’s Dreams, by Alan Lightman)
Things in nature happen not because they have schedules to follow or appointments to visit, but because they choose to. People can also choose to do things when they believe it is time for these things to be done. The Earth would not stop revolving if you ate lunch at three rather than at two or if you went to sleep at eleven rather than ten or even if you were late to an appointment by a few minutes. We do what the clock tells us and not what our body does. Scheduling and organization has become so important that when we think of time we usually see two things – a clock on a wall and a calendar or a planner.
The Piraha Tribe which is located in the Amazon rainforest is the only culture in the world that does not have a creation myth. They have no numbers or a written language for that matter wither. They do not have past tense. Everything exists in the present. If it is not here, right now, then it does not exist. The language of the Piraha tribe is very limited, consisting of humming and whistling. They do not write and do not memorize things. These people don’t tell stories of their ancestors and very few can remember their grandparents’ names. Since they have no way of talking about the past, it ceases to exist. This, they have no stories of where they came from or how the world
was created. All they say is “The world is made.”Time is a quantity beyond their grasp. They rely purely on nature and their instincts, with which they are greatly intact. There are no numbers to give time value to. The only word they have for a quantity is hoi, or small, little in amount, close to one. They don’t see a need to define time, and have been able to survive for centuries without this notion. The Piraha refer only to the immediate personal experiences. They are not interested in the past nor the future. They live here and now. Everything is anchored in the present. They do not try to control nature nor organize forces beyond their grasp like the modern societies do. They are content with today’s day and live without a tomorrow in mind.
A world without time…

Author: mydoina

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -Carl Gustav Jung-

10 thoughts on “A world without time…”

    1. Hi Brian, I'm glad that I managed to write two or three lines these days … 🙂 not out of a bunch of ideas, but simply, I think out of a "clandestine aversion" to say something .. anything …. Personally, I'm fine, I hope that you and your family are well and safe.This year seems to be a turning point in many ways for everyone … here it began with crazy weather, hurricanes and winds of over 120 km / h, which I have not experienced so far … (and I hope, to never experience such phenomena again ..) and continued and continues with Coronavirus … and the madness brought with it. I do not have the competence and expertise to talk about the coronavirus itself. A lot of people already do. Maybe I don't even have the right to talk about the anxiety of these days and what we might feel and what is happening to us because of this anxiety. There is a need for a sociologist and an anthropologist – where are they? I do not know…In fact, it is very normal to be anxious. Everyone is, more or less, these days. Anxiety is our vital instinct for survival. Anxiety triggers a series of adaptations that were once very necessary against the hostile environment. We don't go into physiological details … we know them, each of us has experienced them at some point. Anxiety is the most contagious, the most social emotion. However, it can have both destructive and constructive effects on the social group. I see many destructive reactions, more than constructive ones. Man is not only an anxious animal, he is also a social and gregarious animal. What worries me is that: when collective anxiety increases to a global level, there is an inflation of value of human life. A person's life is sacred in times of peace and prosperity, but no one is too surprised if you lose it in times of war and plague. And, although the loved ones will be sad and cry, anyway, at the population level, the effect is dehumanizing, it is one of devaluation of the individual and of life in general. Admiration and nostalgia for totalitarian regimes reappeared. We would like a strong hand to guide us through the sinusoid of the time we live in … We are willing to give up the fundamental rights of man, and especially those of "another man." … It is much easier to digest the idea that there are guilty culprits, except that nature is indifferent and sometimes downright hostile to man, that often bad things happen without any satisfactory explanation or purpose, not to be punished, tested, manipulated, controlled, but without any malevolent intent to anyone. Otherwise, 🙂 everything is good and beautiful … 🙂 Saluti e buona Fortuna, my friend!

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      1. A good text. You could almost write a post based on it. (I actually copied it to a Word file… 😉
        Yes, anxiety… search for culprits, the rise of exclusive egoism. (Jungle law).
        I “remember” WWI which took so many members of my family. Then the Spanish flu which took a good many that had made it through the war.
        Those responsible for our welfare, totally screwing up and evading responsibility. And the rise of totalitarian fascination…
        I just form a wish: that we learn form this and put mechanisms of accountability in place. I am tired of being ruled (In several places) by incompetent people. I have said sevral times since the beginning of this crisis, that if those of us in the public sector had done only half the mistakes our politicians have made, we would have been fired. So new mechanisms have to be implemented…
        A bientôt.

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      2. 🙂 Thank you….yes, I thought about it too … my comments are longer than my posts sometimes 🙂 … the difference between “public” and “specific” …;) The changes will be, at all levels … even without realizing it ..

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      3. Where the analysis is longer than the “analyzed”?
        There will be changes. And for Europe I think it will be good. It has run around in circles for a while.
        (Seind gesund)

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    1. I think so too! .. the simplicity of life is, even today, as always, a chance. A great, rare chance. A “status quo” that we dismiss too easily.
      .. we became so complicated, mixing things unnecessarily…thank you..


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